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White Doves

Release Ceremony

As a true symbol of Love, the White Dove chooses its mate for life, therefore they are a very fitting and final addition to any wedding. They create a magical atmosphere as they circle the skies before leaving on their new journey together.

Doves and pigeons are of the same family, and in a wedding dove release there are no doves involved at all. Even though the small dove is credited with creating striking wedding day ambiance, an actual dove is unfortunately a poor candidate for release.

Homing pigeons are trainable and more conducive to interaction with people. A wedding couple considering a release should investigate any dove release company to insure that only appropriate white homing pigeons are utilised. Other considerations to insure an effective release include: The use of only seasoned, healthy pigeons with many hours of flight time

  • Training provided for the handling of the birds
  • A professional dove handler on the premises during release
  • A positive reputation for service and treatment of the pigeons
  • Appropriate and timely delivery and set up
  • Cage d├ęcor
  • A current business license and bird health records
  • References

Pigeons rely on the sun and can only be released during daylight hours. A minimum of two hours before dusk is required for the safety of the birds during their flight home. Sunset and evening weddings are not appropriate for a dove release. They need to have ample time to find shelter before night sets in.

A successful dove release is one that sincerely addresses the wellbeing of the birds, the guests' view of the release ceremony, and the wedding couple's involvement. With careful planning everyone will enjoy a magical moment as the white doves reach for the sky, the hopes and the dreams of the wedding couple alive on their wings.

Celebrant: For centuries White Doves have been the symbol of new beginnings, friendship, Love, peace, prosperity, fidelity and goodwill.

Doves share a commitment and a love of being home together. It is said that if White Doves are seen on your wedding day, a happy home is assured and good luck will come to all who witness their release. Their participation in your wedding ceremony makes it very special.

Today as you both make a promise to be together, the release of two White Doves signifies a commitment as a couple everlasting, much like the dove that mates and remain faithful for life.

__________ and __________, we wish for you that your life together will be everlasting, rich and rewarding. May your marriage carry with it all of the wonderful qualities that the White Dove represents.

Their release will represent all of the blessings and best wishes from your family and friends accompanying you on your new journey together as wife and husband.

As a romantic gesture - in just a moment, __________ and __________ will release two White Doves as a symbol of their freedom and unity - together forever.

You may now release the White Doves, giving your Love wings!