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The old ‘tradition’ of the bride being late was society’s nod and wink at her symbolic exercising of independence for the very last time because a woman become her husband’s property with no rights whatsoever.

Thankfully those days are long gone!! A last minute rebellion is unnecessary and discourteous to your guests and the various wedding professionals you have hired for the day.

Being late has flow on effects that can seriously compromise a number of aspects of your wedding and will cost you emotionally and add extra unnecessary stress to your wedding party and guests.

Here are a few very good reasons to be on time

  1. The venue may be booked for a ceremony immediately after yours, so guests for the second ceremony will be arriving before your ceremony is over and this can be very disruptive
  2. Ceremonies held in parks and outdoor venues – guests may become heat-stressed, or worse drowned by inclement weather. If the groom is heat stressed and passes out he must be medically checked out to ensure that what caused the collapse isn’t something that could compromise his capacity to give consent to your marriage, definitely no ceremony without the groom.
  3. As celebrants there are conditions placed on us by the Attorney-General, our terms and conditions routinely state that if you are not ready to start on time we have the right to leave to fulfil another engagement. Depending on how late you are the ceremony may have to be shortened, or we may have to leave to fulfil an obligation to another couple.
  4. If you have booked transport for a specific time period, you may run out of time and have to catch a taxi or other transport to your venue, or worse miss out on location shots you had planned.
  5. The sun will be in a different position – so the light may not be what was planned for your photographer and you may need to cut short your post ceremony photos. These are very important as they are your forever memories of your special day
  6. The flowers in your bouquet, floral decorations at the ceremony, and any rose petals for throwing will begin to look wilted and very sad
  7. Don’t forget you’ve paid out a lot of money on your post ceremony venue, there are time limits so you want to make sure your get all the time for drink, food services allocated. This also includes your entertainment.

So plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before the official start time. Remember your photographer will want to capture photos of you in the car, wedding party interaction getting out of the car while you get ready to make your big entrance.

It also gives us time to inform the groom that you have arrived and settle the guests down and cue the music for your grand entrance.