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While outdoor ceremonies can be picturesque, they can also be absolutely miserable experiences for the guests when it is very hot, very windy, or raining. Worse, the original site could be dangerous to all concerned. The bride is the last to arrive, generally is driven up to the ceremony site in an air conditioned vehicle, and everything starts once she arrives. Your partner, wedding party, celebrant and guests have all been there waiting for some time, and many may have had to park some distance away and walk to the ceremony site.

Some considerations for outdoor ceremonies

  1. If planning a park or beach ceremony, local council may require a permit and have specific requirements and restrictions to where the ceremony may be held
  2. Where the sun will be – however lovely the setting, if the sun is shining in everyone’s eyes they will not be able to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings or focus on the ceremony – never mind what the photos will be like!
  3. Availability of shade – it is always best to position everyone in the shade to avoid any heat stroke or dehydration especially is older guests and children.
  4. Mosquitoes!! Remember to bring some insect repellent

Inclement Weather – better known as PLAN B

You always need a Plan B for any outdoor activity. If the day should turn out to be rainy, windy, extremely hot, or otherwise dangerous or not suitable for an outdoor ceremony.

  1. Make arrangement for an alternative venue well ahead of time
  2. When choosing an alternative venue bear in mind that rain doesn’t always fall vertically especially if it is windy – so a rotunda may not be a good choice and you and your guests can be guaranteed to get very wet
  3. You will need to get from your vehicle to the site so beware of distance as you may be very bedraggled by the time you arrive
  4. Thunderstorms can be dangerous especially in parks as lightening loves trees
  5. You may like to include a short note on your invitation – in case of inclement weather please contact ………………………., delegate one person to be in charge
  6. Include the details of the alternate venue, including directions of how to get there with your invitation

Most importantly, make sure we also have all the necessary details for Plan B and a contact number for checking the morning of the ceremony.