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There are a number of considerations and constraints you might have to work around when it comes to choosing the day, date and time for your ceremony. These will differ depending on the type of ceremony, but in general could include some or all of the following:


  1. Significance
  2. An anniversary related to your relationship
  3. An anniversary of family significance
  4. A birthday
  5. Another special day (like Valentine’s)
  6. A day of significance for a new venture
  7. A day related to your baby’s birthday

Time of year, particularly if

  1. You have plans to include seasonal flowers or foods in your celebration
  2. You plan to have your ceremony in a park or garden, or
  3. You have a particular preference for warm or cool weather
  4. You have to fit the event in with your own or others work or holiday schedules

Time of the Day

  1. Sunrise
  2. ​Morning
  3. Lunchtime
  4. Afternoon
  5. Sunset
  6. Evening
  7. Relationship to an individual baby’s feeding/sleep schedule
  8. Bear in mind the best light for photography might be important

Travel arrangements for far flung family and friends

  1. Travel can be expensive and over booked at peak times such as school holidays and Christmas

Work and other commitments of guests


Availability of your chosen celebrant

  1. Certain times, particularly weekends tend to be heavily booked
  2. Remember that industry practice is that you do not have a firm booking until you have paid the booking fee

Availability of venue(s)

  1. Certain times, particularly weekends tend to be heavily booked
  2. You might be limited with availability of suitable venues

Your budget

  1. Venue hire and catering can be more expensive at sought after times

Your time line

  1. If you are planning on scheduling your ceremony in the near future you have to be far more flexible than if your proposed date for your ceremony is say a year or more away