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Your ceremony is socially and emotionally important, and in the case of a wedding, it changes your legal status. Ensuring that it is a unique and special occasion takes planning, time and thought.

Check out the following reasons why you should focus on the ceremony. When you do so you’ll find all the other decisions about where to have ceremony, who to invite, what to wear, and how to allocate your budget all falls into place.

No matter what type of ceremony it is, your ceremony is a public statement of your intentions. That statement should be as close to perfect as possible, particularly so where the ceremony is a marriage ceremony, renewal of vows or welcoming a new baby.

Ceremony and rituals are all a central part of our lives. Through ceremony we communicate behaviours and values, establish traditions, confirm and reinforce our relationships with our family and wider circle of friends.

Ceremonies make events more meaningful and more memorable. Your ceremony should be both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally powerful.

Focusing on the ceremony helps keep everything in perspective, and ensures that you don’t let your heart get lost in the trimmings. For all types of ceremonies it is traditional to have a post ceremony party which is a celebration of the milestone marked by your ceremony, not the reason for it.

A great ceremony that reflects the personalities of the participants and their values is a deeply moving event. Different types of ceremonies offer a range of opportunities for inclusion of symbols and symbolic acts as an expression of who you are, as well as opportunities to make reference to your cultural heritage and family traditions. Only you can provide this sort of “insider information”.

Keeping your focus on your ceremony is an acknowledgement that you, your family and/or your new venture are unique.

The guests at any ceremony are not just an audience, they are an integral part of the ceremony and it takes focus and planning to ensure your ceremony acknowledges their importance.

We are here to help you create a truly unique ceremony that reflects your personality and tells your story. Inclusions of rituals and traditions that reflect your values as a couple. So together we can let our creativity and imagination run riot!